SW Florida Transporter INC - Southwest Florida Transporter INC. Thief and liar. Found 100% legally liable and won't respond to me

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Ed Lopez severely damaged my boat during transit.His driver stole a propeller off another boat on Ed's trailer and put it on mine, trying to deceive me the whole time.

Ed was so difficult to work with during this time, a sufficient solution to Ed was to send me some random, used part off the internet and call it resolved. I told him I wanted to motor to be inspected by a certified mechanic since his driver illegally tampered with it and had someone grind own the lower unit, leaving a huge crack down the center. He was very upset with this proposal and stop communicating with me for days. I then decided to file a claim with his insurance company, he was again unhappy with this fact and told me in writting his driver wasn't insured under his policy so I can expect to have the claim denied.

Luckily for me, it wasn't. However, Ed has done nothing to cooperate with his own insurance company and he has yet to provide me with the deductible he is legally responsible for. When I called to ask him to send me the deductible he literally said F-you and hung up the phone. Please don't hire this horrible man/company.

It will be such a headache. He also over a month late in the delivery. He is liar, and a thief. I hope the person whom he stole from is also seeking retaliation against him!

Check out his BBB, safer and other reviews. Not worth it. He will try to tell you that he can do it for cheaper, but that doesn't mean he will follow through with his contract.

He is a fraud!!!DOT should revoke his license!!!!

Review about: Wellcraft 22Ft Coastal.



In one word "AVOID" this company.We used they service thru the broker otherwise after reading reviews on the internet I never used them.

First, the broker lied the way boat will be transportted, he told it will be on the flatbead or semitruck...couple days later we found out that boat was pulled and trailer bearrings failed on the way to IL from FL. Broker give Ed's phone to deal with, I called many times to Ed and directly to SW transporters but they did not pick up the phone, they did not called us asking what we want to do with the broken boat they just put to marina, i asked marina's phone and they did not give it to me.

interesting why????finally after 20 days they delivered the boat and we said we will pay only for delivery until they show us the bill for marina.Ed said that invoice is in his offfice...so how he picked up the boat in TN but invoice is in his office in FL and how he assumes we will pay whatever he says to us...???something to think..so finally he try to run with the boat and also damaged our friends car the one crossed his path on running, also try to scare my husband and others with the knife...AVOID AVOID AVOID...I will write my review everywhere i can to tell everybody to avoid SW FLORIDA TRANSPORTER and ED LOPEZ!!!!!

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